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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fishing Rods - Features and Characteristics

You also need to consider the various characteristics of Fishing Rods. Some of these are the actions of Fishing Rods, the weights, and their lengths. You will be able to determine the appropriate Fishing Rod you need by getting familiar with these basic features. Here are the guidelines:

Fishing Rod Actions
A rod's action determines its flexibility. There are four action types in Fishing Rods. These are: extra fast, fast, moderate, and slow. Fast-action and slow-action rods have their own unique characteristics. A fast-action rod is more sensitive compared to a slow-action Fishing Rod. Likewise, the angler will be able to know if his lure is already reaching the bottom because a fast-action rod can send out the lure's vibrations. On the other hand, a soft cast is possible using a slow-action rod, unlike a fast-action rod wherein it may break the bait off. If you are using a very light Fishing Line, it is advisable to use a slow-action rod when casting a considerable amount of bait or lure.

Fishing Rod Weights
A rod's weight indicates its strength. There are seven fundamental categories of rod weights: ultralight, light, medium light, medium, medium heavy, heavy, and extra heavy. Choosing the right Fishing Rod weight is not an easy task. But be guided by this rule: the right Fishing Rod's weight depends on how big and/or how heavy the lure you'll be using, and/or how big the fish you wish to catch is. In other words, the bigger the fish and/or the bigger or heavier the lure, the heavier the Fishing Rod you need. However, many Fishing Rod makers categorize rods based on what species they are made for, so buying the rod with the appropriate Fishing Rod weight becomes easier.

Fishing Rod Lengths
The length of the Fishing Rod is also an important factor to consider. Basic physics principles will tell you that a longer Fishing Rod allows you to cast at a greater distance. This also affects your ability to fight against a fish. For instance, a shorter, thicker Fishing Rod will be able to provide better leverage for "pumping" a powerful kind of fish from deeper water.

Knowing the basic features and various characteristics of Fishing Rods can help you determine which type of Fishing Rod you can use for your Fishing needs.

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