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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bamboo Fishing Rods

Specifications: John and steven weaver founded S and j tackle in 1982. One of their first products was the "ultimate" series of fly tying vices. Their reputation for quality work grew quickly and they soon won contracts to produce aluminium, nickel silver and titanium rod fittings that were used by orvis and several other leading rod makers throughout the world. In 1985 sharpes of aberdeen cane building division came up for sale along with all tools and equipment(millingmachines etc) which we purchased. This purchase allowed us to build bamboo rods using only our own components and be entirely independent, hardys being the only other english company with this facility. The business continued to grow and we were soon busy building fly rods for both ourselves and many other leading brands. Over the following years the company built up an enviable reputation for high quality at a fair price. Featherweight - bamboo fly rods - 2 piece Midge 6ft.4 - 5 wt. Frm6 Featherweight 7ft.5 wt. Frf7 Featherweight 7ft.6ins.5 wt. Frf76 Featherweight 8ft.5 wt. Frf8 Fario club - bamboo fly rods - 2 piece Designed by charles ritz, parabolic action. Fario 83 8ft.3ins.5 wt. Frf83 Fario 85 8ft.5ins.5 wt. Frf85 Fario 88 8ft.8ins.5 wt. Frf88 Carp rods Carp stalker 1.25lb test curve 25in cork handle low bell guides.9ft. Cs9 or ics9 impregnated Carp 1.25lb test curve 25in cork handle low bell guides.10ft. C10 or ic10 impregnated Chris ball allrounder 1.5lb test curve 27in cork handle low bell guides.11ft. Cb11 or icb11 impregnated Barbel rods Barbel stalker(hollowbuilt) 25in cork handle low bell guides 10ft. Bs10(notimpregnated) Barbel 1.4lb test curve 25in cork handle low bell guides 11ft. B11 or ib11 impregnated Fred crouch barbel perfection 11ft 3in 1.25lb test curve 2 piece with detachable handle choice of low or high bells,25in handle fc113 or ifc113 impregnated Avocet Whole cane butt, built cane middle and tip, high bell guides, lined tip and butt 11ft. A11 not available impregnated Avon 1lb test curve 25in cork handle, low bell guides, lined tip and butt 11ft. A10 or ia10 impregnated


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